Delivering sophisticated web applications to support competitive advantage.

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Integrated Web Publishing

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Let us reskin one we have already built for the most sophisticated input or reporting..


Manage your java or php applications. Run monitoring, tune or scale infrastructure. Let us run up a scalable infrastructure for you.

Application Development Process

or just get us to run icescrum for you as a service.


Applications, mobile applications, application strategy, application business case, etc.

Interlated can provide interfaces to business applications, content management solutions and build rich interactive applications.


Emissions Calculator

Resource Database

Sophisticated web application with a user-friendly questionnaire, reporting, many test cases.


Membership Integration

Membership Integration - CiviLink.

Middleware to provide online services to multiple websites and synchronise content so that is available for mailing and lookup purposes.

Targeted web application

Targeted Marketing

Data driven approach that allowed the organisation to rapidly deliver targeted applications. The result - 20% of the organisations new sales were driven by the initiative.

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